omori ひきこもり

1. December 22nd, 2011

im omori and i fap and play old games

2. December 23rd, 2011

sometimes i think im too fat, but it's not like anybody will see me anyway

abs would look kinda cool though

3. December 23rd, 2011

at times i feel lonely but i try really hard not to think about it

4. December 23rd, 2011

what would happen if i died today?

how long would it take for someone to notice?

would anyone even go to my funeral?

probably not

but that's my fault too i guess

5. December 23rd, 2011

i like wearing my socks inside-out, but if people knew that they'd just make fun of me

if i wore black socks, no one would be able to tell

...theoretically of course

6. December 24th, 2011

omori is short for hikikomori (ひきこもり)

the first three letters also correspond with those of my creator

she must think she's so clever

7. December 24th, 2011


8. December 24th, 2011

mama says i have a disease

she says it's hard to help to someone who doesn't answer

but i don't need help

everyone else just thinks i do

9. December 24th, 2011

how hard do you think it is

for a kid to grow up when it's got no one to look up to?

10. December 25th, 2011

i'm don't really like water so i'd rather not shower

i still think i smell better than most ひきこもりbut its not like i've ever met any

11. December 25th, 2011

if i stay here, i can be whatever i want to be

if i leave this place, i'll have to accept my limitations as a human

and i just don't think i'm ready to do that yet

12. December 26th, 2011

whats the point of going to school if i can just learn everything on the internet?

13. December 27th, 2011


why is everything so



14. December 27th, 2011

just because i like to hide my feelings doesn't mean i don't have any

15. December 27th, 2011

it's all my fault...

it's all my fault...

it's all my fault...

16. December 28th, 2011



17. December 28th, 2011

too bad saving the world isn't as easy as these games make it out to be

18. December 28th, 2011

bleep bloop

19. December 29th, 2011

the great thing about living on a blog is that i don't have to pay rent

20. December 29th, 2011

if i have to change myself to live, i think i'll be content with just existing

21. December 29th, 2011

why am i

so weak?

22. December 30th, 2011

all these old memories never really stop messing with us, do they?

23. December 31st, 2011

what if my imaginary friends are the ones that are real?

what if i'm the one who's imaginary?

24. January 1st, 2012

aand heres to -hic- not fukcin thsi yearr up asb ad as th lsat one,,,,

25. January 2nd, 2012

my mama always told me if i was kind, considerate, and forgave others, good things would happen

what a load of bullshit

all i did was waste my childhood and give the other kids my face to step on

26. January 3rd, 2012

it sucks to live in a world where nice guys finish last

27. January 5th, 2012

i'm just a waste of space

28. January 5th, 2012

i' _ _ o _ i _ _ , _ a _ a

29. January 7th, 2012



(hint: it's too bright in here; drag me into the dark)

30. January 8th, 2012


we all find excuses to keep existing even when we'd rather not

choosing to feel pain over feeling nothing at all


humans are so stupid

31. January 10th, 2012

nothing is ever a big deal if you don't let it be

32. January 10th, 2012

i am a cocoon

33. January 12th, 2012

34. January 13th, 2012

ice cream...

35. January 15th, 2012

the closest i've been to being happy is being asleep

36. January 19th, 2012

fucking neighbors...

37. January 23rd, 2012

where am i going?

38. January 25th, 2012

anything fun is just a distraction from how much the world actually sucks

39. January 31st, 2012

how are you supposed to cheer up if you don't know why you're sad in the first place?

40. February 1st, 2012

in my world, i am a god

41. February 6th, 2012

bad kitty!

42. February 24th, 2012


i wouldn't really mind going outside that much if everyone else wasn’t so stupid

43. March 5th, 2012

life would be so much better if i didn't look like a potato

44. March 14th, 2012

no way